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34 years ago, Back to the Future was released, thus presenting a new perspective of time travel to the cinematographic world, that the two writers Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale reinvented, with the Spielberg touch. In the first opus of the trilogy, the hero Marty Mcfly, travelled back in time 30 years (in 1955), in the second opus he jumps forward 30 years where he manages to successfully escape his bully Biff and his gang thanks to a futuristic hoverboard.  
But the future’s not what it used to be. The flying Delorean doesn’t exist, and where we’re going, we still need roads!
It is true, the futuristic Tesla is confined to this good old ground, restricted by gravity. However, it now brings the whole world to the modern car’s bodywork via a touch screen. We thought we were all going to be flying super heroes, instead we are simply connected. Everything happening in the World became an integrated part of our minds and bodies — we’re never without our phones — incessantly occupying our train of thought and our attention. Instead of projecting us towards the outside world, technology has made us focus more on ourselves and consequently has brought the outside world to us. The most ironic thing is that we call this advanced technology mobile! See more