“Everyone has an inner landscape, consisting of musics, movies, characters, events from past, that have inspired us and that we have loved..”

Memories Parks.li is a Virtual Reality experience for seniors that revives and connects their past, mixes personal moments with historical events that mattered to them and improves memory.

Enter a fifties style dinner and enjoy all the moments that have marked you (in music, movies, sports, etc.), mixed with your personal memories. Memories Parks not only helps memory enhancement but brings a flash of happiness and warmth feeling through eyes and ears.

Unique experience to show seniors how much they are loved!

+80 TV channel (+2,500 iconic moments) 
+20 Jukebox playlists
Weekly flows: 500 new memorieS / week


1) You create your parent’s profile & Order Memories Park
2) We gather all the content according to his/her profile and age.
3) Our curator team search, find and add content according to your specific requests
(ie the unknown singer your mother was fan of)
4) You receive your customized Memories Park.

Send us an email at memoriespark@ever.li

Create your parent’s profile,
order your customized Memories park,
and be among the firsts to enjoy it
at the official Release.