Historical application for educational purposes
3,000 themes - 40,000 events
From prehistory to the present

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Learning history

Cool features

  • Explore the links between past and present, years, decades and centuries.

  • Move in the map to discover history places

  • Enjoy musical playlists according the context (years, places, story).

  • Discover historical connections with stories grouping all events related to a key topic.

Extended content

19 topics

Politics | wars & diplomacy | art | civilizations | cities & states | monuments | movies | ideas | music | literature | business & economy | sport | techno | medias & leisures | sciences medicine | nature | religions | society | feelings


Become partner

You are a teacher, head of a museum or a department of archives, student
or expert in a historical theme.
Bring your online resources to life.


Game: Make History

A new game experience,
based on Artificial Intelligence
(immersion in history, time travel, treasure hunt)
to better share, learn and memorize.


Culture: The true augmented reality

We live in the era of horizontality, fake news, instantaneity, and cognitive bubbles, generating ignorance, divisions, and hatreds. Time is coming for the digital world to transcribe and transmit the Humanities, including this sensitive, complex and engulfed world that we call the Past.
This historical, literary, artistic past , is an untapped part of ourself but the only one that can help us to fully understand and feel the world around us.


Edtech & digital humanities entrepreneur,
History professor,
6 years in Berkeley, CA.
Skema Sophia-Antipolis | Institut d'études politiques & History


Aix-Marseille University | Mediterrean House for Human Sciences | Marseille History Museum | Maison des Canus
Martin Luther King, Jr. Research & Education Institute, Stanford

Clayborne Carson

Director of The World House Project at Stanford University


"Having worked with ever.li on an historical app project, I have found Jean-Luc to be dedicated, highly skilled, and hard working. He is trustworthy and has a deep knowledge of his product. He clearly understands the challenges facing those of us in the academic world. In particular, he has strong vision of how historical research and teaching can and should be done in the digital age. I highly recommend him."

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